Email Marketing and Solo Ads

Email Marketing is a technique of direct marketing practiced by businessmen to communicate specific data to specific groups of individuals (clients or prospective customers) over electronic mail. You may use Email Marketing to transmit messages of the company or for advertising campaign purposes. With Email Marketing, you can send your various promotional messages directly to your customers or to a target audience.

Advantages of Email Marketing – This is an extremely low cost advertising solution, which allows you to add people to your mailing list for quick and frequent information sharing. Run on auto pilot, it is a hassle-free method of building a steady producer-client relationship. Make serious money once you’ve set up a strong correspondence with clients who trust your tips and recommendations. With our targeted database of 2500 subscribers in the field of internet marketing, we offer ‘list rentals’, consultation for starting your Email Marketing campaign, lead capturing, landing and squeeze pages creation with the most widely used Mailing List Providers like Aweber, MailChimp, etc.

Standalone advertisements based on particular niche are called solo ads. These are an important and popular business promotion tool whereby adverts are mailed or communicated to subscribers of a particular e-zine. Solo ads highlight products or services of a particular business and are preferred by companies since they do not need to compete with other ads. The stress of a solo ad is on the X-factor of the product/service being promoted.

Advantages of Solo Ads – Despite the low appreciation of solo adverts in the business world, this promotional technique is impossible to overlook or neglect. Many people think of solo ads as an unnecessary nuisance but with the correct tricks of the business, a professional consultancy may guarantee high visibility and efficient business promotion. Advertising and marketing tools and techniques increase awareness of the product/service among viewers.

Build your subscriber list by leveraging our massive list of existing subscribers. Our e-zine website has authentic and real-value content which is not just based on advertising. Short and impressive solo adverts created by us are guaranteed to attract consumer attention. The emphasis is on testing and consistency. We guarantee improved conversion and good open rates for your adverts. You may track and review results for further testing and improvement. Consult us to get your customized plan that would make solo email marketing work for you! Practice opt-in marketing consistently on a long-term basis to generate stable revenue for your online business.

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  1. Steve Mankel says:

    Don’t you think it would be good to create a Mail Chimp account and start building a proprietary list thhere?

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